Dharma's Devon Rex

About the Devon Rex

 In order to truly appreciate the unique appearance of the Devon Rex you must first set aside your idea of what a cat should look like. In 1960 in Devonshire, England a marvelous mutant gene caused a British barn cat to create the true pixie. Low set, oversized ears (always able to hear you), an elfin face, big alert, impish eyes (so they will always see you), a hard but small muscular body (all the better to chase you with), coated in a wonderful short, wavy and soft as velvet fur that hardly sheds. This all houses a people loving, madcap personality with attitude.

Kittens are born with rows of waves and ringlets that molt away at about 8 weeks of age. The juvenile coat comes in slowly and is replaced by the adult coat at about 1 year of age. Most breeders suggest giving devon rex kittens a killed vaccine instead of modified live so as to not compromise the immune system.

Devons do not behave like other cats. They are a like a cat, dog and monkey rolled into one personality. Devons never sit on a window and stare looking elegant and bored. Devons are seldom elegant and never bored. They prefer to ride on your shoulder, sit on your lap or trot not walk beside you. Devons never meander they trot purposely because they know where they are going and what they are going to do when they get there. They must help you in every activity, they help you cook and they help you eat it. All your preconceived ideas of what a cat eats will be thrown out the window as these cats like many things such as bananas, carrots, potatoes, grapes and just about anything they can steal or be offered. You will have their assistance in the shower or bath, at the computer they are in the way and try to be helpful. They insist on greeting every caller at the door. They open cupboards, refrigerators and closets. They steal your pens, jewelry and other items. Mischief is the name of the game and Devons get into mischief. Like Star Trek Voyageurs they think that "no territory should be left unexplored".

Devons have loving personalities, following you and retrieving whatever toy you choose to throw. They wag their tails when happy, which is almost all the time. Devons chat in chirps, chortles and trills and purring can run into the double digits in decibels.

Devons are almost non-shedding, thus being hypoallergenic. Devons bring new meaning to the wash and wear. A quick shampoo, a light rinse, a little hug in a warm towel and throw cat over your shoulder to dry.

Devons are not large cats and tend to weigh about between 6 to 8 pounds.

Most of all Devons love chaos and enjoy a busy home of humans, dogs, cats, and parrots whatever. The Devon Rex is a very very busy cat and if you do not want a busy cat this is not the breed for you.